happy 5th lanyversary boys. hope u love listening to us as much as we love listening to u.

to everyone on the project
thank u for submitting, participating, being so excited and helping to promote the project while keeping it secret. thanks to my twin sis who introduced me to LANY.

to everyone who missed out
i’m so so so sorry if u didn’t get a chance to participate, tried my best to include as many fans as possible, around 500 of us. but i promise u will relate to the EP, thank you for listening.

to coloursound
thank you who reached out the first day the project blew up to offer help producing/mixing the EP, and dedicated as much time as I did on this project.

to susan goss
you may not know, but your charming and iconic voice messages on the LANY EP’s were the main inspiration for this fan project. thank you.

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