LANY has done so much for us. it’s time we gave it back.

5 yrs deserves 2 be celebrated. big. time. so we went back to the beginning and made a 5-track EP. just like u did 5 yrs ago jake, les & paul. this is how u make us feel. inviting you to listen to our voices, after having been ours for years.

370 fans. 49 countries. 5 yrs. 4 our 3 fav boys. from us 2 u. 1 EP. 100% fan made.


june 14

on june 15 the boys were personally handed a CD with 2 singles from our fan EP in san francisco, also containing a booklet as a teaser. what’s more? 150+ fans got the chance to sign a LANY5EVER shirt with wishes and messages that jake ended up wearing at the show. literally the coolest thing ever. (sorry for the explicit comments jake, know u like to keep it clean).

track 1ILSYB and 3FANS were pre-released on june 14 for the fans, and on june 15 the entire secret LANY5EVER project finally went public.


03 – FANS

below is CD the boys received with two preview tracks, with all of us in the middle.

no one knew this until after the 1st night in san francisco, but while queuing in line for the show, over 100 fans got to sign a LANY5EVER t-shirt with birthday messages.

meeting the boys

june 15, san francisco

WE MADE IT GUYS. WE ACTUALLY DELIVERED OUR 2 SINGLES FROM THE FAN EP TO OUR BOYS!! got the craziest opportunity to hand it over in person at a sound check on the 2nd night in san francisco. the night before, the boys revealed they were actually signed here and it felt like a 2nd home. so it was the most perfect city to surprise them in.

“thank you,
we’ll listen
to this
– paul

“oh wow”
– jake

“so cool”
– les

how it went down: i explained to the boys that my friends and i flew all the way from sweden (bit shocked reaction nr 1), that the boys have made a huge impact on myself and so many other people, and that i created a secret project as a thank u & to celebrate their 5th anniversary (kinda shocked reaction nr 2), told that we’re 370 people from 49 different countries on it (another more shocked reaction nr 3).

told them they had been our voice for so long, that we finally wanted to give them ours, and pulled out the CD that paul got to hold (shocked reaction nr 4). the smiles on their faces were absolutely priceless!!

– so we made u guys an EP!
– an EP??

it was as if paul repeated it not bc he didn’t hear, but bc he needed to repeat it to himself (if not do correct me mr klein). jake and les were super excited, smiling the entire time. i explained they only got a CD preview with 2 singles and that the final thing releases on the 28th. when they play in LA. at home. then i pulled out the shirt and gave it to jake (shocked reaction nr 5), explaining over 100 fans signed it with wishes and messages. and then another package with a few shirts, given to les (shocked reaction nr 6?). several hugs and thank you’s later we posed for photos and the boys were the sweetest, super grateful and excited, saying thank you even when we walked by later again towards the exit.

when leaving the sound check they were still talking about the shirt. and later in the evening jake came out for the show, wearing over 100 messages and wishes by the fans, glowing in orange all night. and they actually have the CD with us on it. the fam.

there was no way in hell i was gonna disappoint 370 ppl part of this, and 100+ ppl who had signed the shirt, so around 500 fans are currently on this project. a perfect number for 5 yrs.

the full EP releases on the 28th along with something else special. the boys haven’t commented yet, but we can only hope they love listening to our voices, just as much as we love listening to theirs.

/ angey

this is a non-profit fan project. doing this ALL for LANY and for the LANY fam. love, angey. xx

this is OUR thing together. making this the biggest surprise ever xx