LANY has done so much for us. it’s time we gave it back. 5 yrs deserves 2 be celebrated. big. time. so we went back to the beginning and made a 5-track fan EP. just like u did 5 yrs ago jake, les & paul. this is how u make us feel. inviting you to listen to our voices, after having been ours for years.

370 fans. 49 countries. 5 yrs. 4 our 3 fav boys. from us 2 u. 1 EP. 100% fan made. this is LANY5EVER. bc 4ever isn’t long enough.

the EP

june 28

the LANY5EVER project: to continue on the LANY voice message aesthetic LANY have used on “OMG” and “parents”, we made our own EP with the same style, titled “made in california, felt worldwide”. LANY has already given us so much, it was simply our to turn to give THEM music. bc 5 yrs only happen once. & bc we’re so fucking extra. on june 15 the boys were personally handed a 2-track CD with 2 singles as a preview in san francisco. after keeping the project secret for over a month, we finally got to tease them with music this time. how cool is that? on june 28, when they play the last north american date of the tour, they get the full 5-track EP. LANY make us feel like home, and they should hear it at home. in LA.

whether a fan or not, enjoy the listen. it celebrates both artist and fans all in one, and that’s fucking amazing.

p.s. we put it on soundcloud. where LANY started.


made in california, felt worldwide



20 pages of us.

to celebrate 5 years and the ending of the north american tour, the boys receive our 5-track fan EP – “made in california, felt worldwide” as a vinyl on june 28 in LA. it’s actually an entire box set, which includes a 20-page fanbook of messages, wishes, photos of fans and more. see the fan book below, while we await the boys’ reactions on the entire project.

the fans


the LANY5EVER project was held secret for over a month to keep it a surprise. it initially included 370 fans for an EP and a fanbook combined. however, more fans were given the chance to join later on as not many had heard about it due to the secrecy. nearly 100 fans signed a LANY5EVER t-shirt in san francisco, while over 100 fans contributed with concert videos and photos for video material. safe to say there are way over 500 people celebrating the boys on LANY5EVER. we’re really making history with a fan project like this.


100% fan made

tha deets

LANY5EVER is a project started by fans, for fans and for LANY, 100% fan made. all the graphics and videos and every single thing from the site to the design to the booklets to the covers, no outside help, except accepting the opportunity to have someone produce and mix the EP. a complete non-profit project, only focused on the LANY fam and the best damn band in the world. we’re breaking the “fan made” stereotype here that often means that just because it’s fan made, it can’t look professional. LANY is the best, we’re the best, so naturally this had to look and sound the absolute best.

planned in april. launched in may. revealed in june. in total of 3 months work, late nights, over 11 000 miles traveled, countless hours put into listening through material & editing. but it has been worth every second. hoping to inspire more fan made projects like this.

/ angey, founder of LANY5EVER xx


thak you jake, les & paul. thak u LANY fam. thak u LANY crew. thak u to all who contributed, supported and listened to the EP.

to any other artist, did ur fans make u an EP tho?

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