made in california. felt worldwide

this is OUR project together, all of us. i’m only the messenger and the brain behind it. i strongly believe it only takes one person to perform an action that will impact hundreds, just like when paul made that phone call to jake 5 years ago, which led to me starting this project. best thing i ever made.

YOO! it’s angelina, angey for short. 95’ kid living in sweden. this entire (secret) project is the result of seeing LANY in stockholm this february for the first time. someone here said they can make a super fan in a day, true story. 1 week before the show i didn’t know what the guys looked like, after it i couldn’t sleep for 2. wanted to experience that night again and spontaneously got tickets half across the globe, to san francisco, bc hearing a californian band in california is aesthetics. lost myself and then found myself to their words. the music and LANY’s humble personalities inspired me to a level where i wanted to say thank u for the impact, and i knew i wouldn’t and couldn’t do it alone, not when the LANY fam had just as much to say.

making this project, i’ve been overwhelmed 25/7 to hear how tremendous your impact has been after all these years LANY, and not just measured in the number of fans, but most importantly in the amount of feelings and experiences. what you wrote in malibu someone feels on the hectic streets of russia, in an empty bed in berlin, on the beach in australia, or all the way in the philippines. you’re poets, in terms of using words and a melody, and combining it into something relatable and real.

someone said you got them through TWO cancers, you pushed somebody else out of their comfort zone to meet and make new best friends, helped someone to become sober, got someone through a terrible breakup, you were the soothing melody through someone’s depression, you LITERALLY SAVED someone’s life.

your incredible impact is actually microscopic; embedded deep in memories, moments, feelings, places, even on SKIN. you create associations, happy and sad, any emotion really, to make individuals feel through music, what they can’t express themselves through words. LANY5EVER not only celebrates your 5 years as a band, but also the fans and their voice. i wanted their perspective, i wanted to make them heard, while at the same time showing you LANY, how YOU make US feel. simply through audio.

this time around, it was our turn to make you an album. so we went back to the beginning and made an EP, just like you started off 5 years ago. over 500 people, 49 countries, celebrating 5 years, for our 3 favorite people: jake, les and paul. know that this EP wouldn’t cover all the love, 100 hours of recordings wouldn’t cover it, sleepless nights working on this wouldn’t cover it, but it’s a tiny part to show the bigger picture. u work so damn hard for us, and we’ve done the same for u. this right here is how u make us feel. thank you.

5 years. lany5ever. because 4ever simply isn’t long enough.
made in california,
felt worldwide

angey, sweden

#teamnosleep #lany5ever #weallokay #whosuptomeetirlthough

extended thoughts
on music & fans

the LANY5EVER project EP was made to celebrate LANY, to thank them, to show them how their fans feel when they listen to their music, how the passion and love really goes both ways. It’s so emotional, so deep, so reciprocal. and it shows worldwide.

the final project however, also depicts the difference between being a fan and not. it highlights the importance of being part of a world full of people and melody that could help getting through the day or simply enhance happy moments.

most times people believe they know exactly what it’d feel like experiencing a certain situation or how they’d act in it, but they don’t actually know themselves in the moment. for years it’s been bothering me that people outside of fan zones often don’t understand the appreciation, the love, the community an artist, or in this case, a band creates. what it’s really like to be part of it. it’s been bothering me how laughable fans are when screaming lyrics at their idols, how it’s just stereotyped as “fangirling”. it’s not that hard to understand, most just choose not to try. so i wanted to showcase the side of fans to “regular” people, and what’s better than doing it through audio? you could listen to LANY’s music to see what it feels like, but now you also have the chance to listen to the fans.

for those not part of a fan family, just regular people who aren’t die-hard fans, this fan EP really gives a deep look into the emotional world of music. for a parent, it could be as simple as to understanding “wow, these songs and this band helped my kid through depression, anxiety, a divorce”. somebody’s friend who never became a fan could finally see “so that’s how music really helped my friend through a rough time”.

music plays a huge part in our existence, no matter the genre. it quite literally provides the soundtrack of life. think about it next time you listen to the lyric that reminds you of your 20’s, that song that helped you through a terrible breakup, the guitar solo you met your first love to, that hot summer night, i could go on forever. music simply celebrates humanity in the best way possible. it helps us to LIVE instead of just existing. that is one of the many reasons i started this project, that’s all about giving music back to the band that has given it to us for years. i really hope that jake, les and paul of LANY finally get to see our perspective of what we experience daily through audio. i also dare to hope that anyone outside the LANY fam listens to at least one track, i’d recommend 3FANS, and gets a new perspective of what it entitles to be a fan today. in 2019.

we’re really celebrating LANY. we’re celebrating fans. we’re celebrating music. we’re celebrating us.

/ angelina